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Luxury Human Hair Extensions



100% Luxury Human Hair Extensions.
Price available upon consultation. 
Deposit required at time of booking.
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Channel your inner Rapunzel...

We only use the finest 100% Human Hair Extensions for our clients, we never compromise on quality over price.

Hair Extensions are an amazing way of creating that full, thick, luscious mane you've always dreamt of... within a few hours!

Prices vary upon consultation - please speak to Liam to discuss the options personal to you.

Case Study

The client came in for a complete colour change and wanted to extend the length of her hair. We colour matched and added length and volume using our latest extension technology called NANO rings. NANO rings are 90% smaller than Micro rings which are generally used within the indusrty - making them virtualy invisable to the eye, meaning you can tie your hair up, without worrying about having obvious signs of you even having them in!

They are kind to your hair as no heat or glue is added, they are just simply clamped into position cushioned with a silicone nano ring and can be easily removed without damage.
The client should get around 3-6 months of use out of them if they are properly cared for and our in-house after care advice and products are followed correctly.



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