• Full Head Highlights & Finish£117
    • Half Head Highlights & Finish£97
    • Partial Highlights & Finish£82
    • Full Head Tint & Finish£82
    • Root Re-Growth & Finish£77
    • Tint & Partial Highlights & Finish£120
    • Tint & Half Head Highlights & Finish£135
    • Balayage & Finish£130
    • Ombre & Finish£127
    • Toner At Basin£15
    • Toner & Finish£42
    • Men's Color£30
    • Men's Scattered Highlights£45

  • Add additional £13 to include a cut with your colour.
    Add additional £23 for a restyle with your colour.
All colouring services include a complimentary blowdry.

24 hour patch test is required prior to colouring service.

Prices may vary according to hair length & thickness.

All prices are subject to change.

Bring your hair to life!

We pride ourself on spending time creating the perfect colour shades to complement your style, skin tone and personality. 

Colouring can really bring to life your hair cut, it can be either something to cover those dreaded greys, create a new on trend look or just inhance your natural beauty.
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